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***Welcome Norah of Negis Bakery this Saturday at the field (Whitlock Family Park) 8-Noon!***
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Our hours are 8 am - NOON each Saturday through the winter months.
We love to provide you with the very best of local food!

Using SNAP at the Mineral Farmer's Market
Using Your SNAP Benefits at the Mineral Farmers Market
    Using Your SNAP Benefits at the Mineral Farmers Market Using Your SNAP Benefits at the Mineral Farmers Market  

Double your SNAP dollars at the Mineral Farmer's Market!

The Mineral Farmer's Market not only accepts SNAP. but also DOUBLES SNAP dollars to buy fresh fruits and vegetables with Virginia Fresh Match coupons.

Here's how it works:

  1. Bring your SNAP/EBT card to the Market Manager's booth. It's in front of the little white trailer. The manager's name is Becky.
  2. Choose the amount you want to spend. Swipe your card and receive paper scrips (coupons) to spend on SNAP approved food items.
  3. We'll match whatever you spend with additional coupons to purchase fruits and veggies. Spend $10, we'll give you an extra $10 in coupons. Spend $30, we'll give you another $30 to spend.
  4. It's like getting your fruits and veggies for half the price!

What is SNAP?

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is the current name for what we used to call "food stamps". Sometimes it's referred to as EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer). Basically, it's federally funded nutritional assistance for folks who need a little help with their food expenses.
In order for folks to access healthy food with their SNAP benefits, we accept this form of payment at the Mineral Farmer's Market. It's a win-win, since it gives families access to healthy food, AND it puts money directly into the hands of our local farmers. If you know folks with SNAP or EBT cards, encourage them to shop the Mineral Farmer's Market to DOUBLE their money while supporting local farmers.

What is Virginia Fresh Match?

Virginia Fresh Match (VFM) is a network of farmers markets and food stores across Virginia that offer nutrition incentives. VFM nutrition incentives double the value of federal nutrition benefits like SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, food stamps) spent at participating farmers markets and food stores. With Virginia Fresh Match, low-income consumers can afford additional healthy food, local farmers gain new customers and make more money, and more food dollars stay in the local economy.

Farmers markets are on the rise in Virginia, with more than 250 locations selling everything from peas to peaches. Half already accept SNAP. But while Virginians spend over a billion dollars a year in SNAP, only two tenths of one percent ($200,327 in 2019) goes to farmers markets. When more SNAP money is spent on local produce, everyone benefits.

Since 2009, markets across Virginia have piloted incentive programs many funded through a national non-profit partner Wholesome Wave. In 2015, Wholesome Wave worked closely with markets and Virginia Farmers Market Association to form a statewide network, Virginia Fresh Match, to offer statewide incentive funding. In 2018, LEAP and Virginia Community Food Connections partnered under VFM and received a USDA FINI (Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive) grant to provide SNAP incentive funding through 2021, as well as to expand the network to new markets and retail grocery stores.

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