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Applications are online here!
Become a vendor at the Mineral Farmer's Market
Become a Friendor

Dear Applicant Vendor,
Thank you for considering the Mineral Farmerís Market as a place to sell your wares.
Whether you are an experienced vendor who has sold at many markets and fairs, or this is your first market, you will find that the Mineral Farmerís Market is a unique experience.

The Market Manager is Becky Vigon. The MFM, as we affectionately call our little slice of heaven, was her brainchild, and she works really hard to make the market a success for the ďfriendorsĒ who sell here.

Hereís what makes our market unlike most other places:
1) We DO NOT assign spaces. However, if there is an orange traffic cone in a space, that spot has been held for a farmer or someone whoís running late, and we ask that you find another spot.
2) Our fees are kind of ridiculously low. We have an all-volunteer staff, and all funds received go towards advertising the market.
3) We are actively trying to be a FARMERís Market. We love our skilled craftspeople, but in our efforts to attract more farmers we do offer them slightly preferential treatment.
4) We are situated in a rural community, but we have a very wide range of visitors, including Lake Anna vacationers.
5) The MFM Management is here to manage the Mineral Farmerís Market. We do not aspire to manage the individual vendors; we believe that each vendor who applies is capable of building and managing their own business. We do recommend that each vendor carry insurance, but do not require it at this time.
6) The MFM Management is also a source of information for you; we can give advice on how to follow proper labelling laws, how to have a better display, etc.
7) If you have a facebook page, twitter, Instagram, blog or any other form of social media for your business, please use it to help us market the Market! Your followers will appreciate knowing where youíll be week to week, your friends and family will come to support you, and the Market will gain new customers!
8) The MFM strives to be a family and dog friendly place. Well behaved kids and dogs are more than welcome, but they must remain under your control! If you canít be sure your pet or child can be well-behaved during a long day, we ask you leave him at home. MFM Management cannot be responsible for the actions caused by dogs or children on the field, nor can we bear responsibility for their safety. We do ask that dog business not be allowed on the field; if it happens, it must be cleaned up immediately. Thanks for understanding.
9) PARKING. This is a serious subject. There is limited parking, and as a market, we need to reserve the best parking spots for customers. Vendors should park away from the field - across US 522 N (Lee Street)or at the adjacent doctorís offices. PLEASE donít park on the street closest to the Market, and please donít make us ask you to move your car. Weíre not afraid to ask, itís just not any fun for us.
10) From time to time weíll have special theme days and we encourage you to join in the fun by decorating your tent and yourself!

Contact Becky at Becky@MineralMarket.org or (540) 854-7626. Weíre also pretty active with our Market facebook page, here. Feel free to post pictures of your display and to share the Market page with your followers.

Thanks again, for your interest in the Mineral Farmerís Market. Links to the 2017 application are below!

MFM Manager

2017 MFM Application DOC | 2017 MFM Application PDF

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