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News and Announcements
We'll host our "Stone Soup" as a thank you, AND have treats for the kiddos!
Also, check out the craftsmen at our "Crafter's Alley"


Our hours are 8 am - NOON each Saturday through October 30th. We love to provide you with the very best of local food!

Mineral Farmer's Market

Please be patient as we work with you to safely provide the very best in local food, and we thank you for your support.

Scroll down for the most up-to-date list of vendors for October 30th, 2021!

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The MFM accepts SNAP and matches funds up to $30/week - and you never know who will benefit from knowing we're here to serve them.

SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Oct. 23rd



(and plants to grow food)

North Side Growers

Gourmet locally grown mushrooms, fresh and dried.

Always Something Farm

Winter salad mix

Meli's Micros

Microgreens - Speckled pea shoots, broccoli, sunflower, kale, smoothie mix

Laurel Farm

Pumpkins, Cukes, melons, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, beets, lettuce, spring mix, kale, spinach, chard, red and white spring onions, radishes, apples, garlic, snap beans, squash



Pink House Farm

Beef steaks, Grillers, breakfast sausage, pork chops, spare ribs, picnic roasts, ground beef; chicken parts, (limited) brown eggs

Century Farm

USDA Beef cuts: Roasts, Tbones, Ribeyes, Sirloins, Porterhouse and ground beef.

Swallowbarn Farm

Whole Chicken, dressed, 4-6 lbs; eggs

Friendly Feathers Farm

Brown eggs

Bear Hollow Farms

Brown eggs (unwashed), Turkey eggs, Bantam eggs, blue eggs



Kateryna's Kitchen

Apple pie, blackberry peach pie, apple hand pie, onion mini pies, key lime cheesecake, poppyseed rolls, blackberry jam cookies

The Scone Lady

Delicious scones in several flavors

Friendly Feathers Farm

The Box: eggs, Fish Pepper Pickles, cranberry crisp crackers, 4 oz preserve, baked item, tomatoes
Egg custard, Lemon cheesecake, Lemon curd, Carrot cake.

Always Something Farm

Pound cake bunnies!

S&B Goodies

Banana bread, Pumpkin bread, Chocolate chip, Peanut Butter Cup Banana bread, Almond Joy cookies


SNAP Eligible

Duane Gentry

Homemade salsa

Bee West Apiary / Bumpass Honey Works

Local honey; creamed, flavored honey

Serenity Hills Farm

Gourmet jam - try the Peach Mango!

S&B Goodies

Pretzel snacks - Garlic parm ranch, Maple Bacon. Spiced nuts

Always Something Farm

Tomato, peach, and Concord grape jams; Pear sauce; Sweet pickle relish, Pickled pimento peppers

Kateryna's Kitchen

Pear butter, apple butter, jams and preserve. Also hot adjika is back.


Homemade fudge, Magic cookie bars

Thank You BBQ Sauce

Homemade BBQ sauce; introducing "The Gospel" (mango!)

North Side Growers

Dried spice blends with mushroom powder, Batteaux coffee

Friendly Feathers Farm

Sweet zucchini relish, jams (Peach, Concord grape, plumberry)



Daily Reprieve Soapery

Odor-neutralizing room spray, soy wax candles, sugar scrubs, Liquid Scrubby Soap, Goat Milk Soap, Luffa Soap, Body Butter

North Side Growers

Beeswax Food Wraps, Mushroom grow bags

S&B Goodies

Puppy treats

Laurel Farm

Cut flowers, potted mums, decorative gourds

Virginia's Dream Pottery

Back October 30th!

PD Gordon

Cloth rugs, aprons, hairbands - unless it's raining

Threads & Sawdust

Back October 30th!

CRAFTER'S ALLEY October 30th!

Visit our dedicated "Crafter's Alley" page.
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